Peter J. Layton

Chief Executive Officer

Peter J. Layton is a founding partner of Efficient Capital Management, LLC, Chairman of the BOX Options Exchange LLC, and CEO of the Tallgrass Group. BOX is an automated equity options market exchange and Tallgrass is the parent company of several ecological restoration corporations.

In addition to his work with Blackthorne, BOX, Tallgrass, and Efficient Capital, Layton serves on several boards and committees. Currently, Layton is a board member of Enactus, Efficient Capital Management Members Advisory Committee, College Visiting Committee at the University of Chicago, and a member of the Nicholas School Board of Visitors at Duke University.

Layton graduated from the University of Chicago with an AB degree in Economics and an MBA in Finance and Statistics.

R. Scott Morris

Chief Investment Strategist

The focus of Scott Morris’ more than 30 year’s of experience in the financial markets has been developing quantitative models and automated trading strategies. His market expertise spans many asset classes including commodities, equities, bonds, futures, and options.

Morris served in a number of leadership positions including CEO of the Boston Options Exchange, Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, Partner at Hull Trading Company, Head of Quantitative Research at Ronin Capital, and President of Morris Consulting. He has taught Corporate and Entrepreneurial Finance at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and lectured at many prestigious universities including Carnegie Mellon, University of Chicago and Stanford. He has also spoken at numerous educational and industry events sponsored by organizations including the Futures Industry Association, Security Traders Association, Markets Media, OptionCity, Options Industry Conference and the High Frequency Traders Leadership Forum.

Morris is a graduate of the University of Chicago with an AB degree in Economics and an MBA in Finance and Statistics.

Dr. William L. Dougan

Head of Research

Dr. William L Dougan is currently a Professor of Management in the College of Business and Economics at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

Dougan has more than twenty years of experience in teaching, consulting, and public service in the areas of venture planning and development in the software, fintech, agtech, cleantech and manufacturing sectors. He serves as a Principal Advisor at the Larta Institute, a mentor in the BREW startup accelerator located at the Global Water Center in Milwaukee, and a Co-director of the Launchpad accelerator located at the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater. He is published in the areas of small firm technology strategy, entrepreneur behavior, and decision theory.

Dougan is a graduate of the University of Kansas in Business Administration, has a Masters in Management from Cornell University, and has a Ph.D in Business Administration from Cornell University.