Financial Analyst Internship

Job Description:

Financial analysts at Blackthorne are responsible for organizing and analyzing historical financial data and incorporating these data into algorithmic trading strategies using the Blackthorne Strategy Toolbox and a variety of other data analysis tools.

Ideally, our financial analysts possess knowledge of statistical, financial, and mathematical tools and methods to enable them to explore data, create statistical and/or mathematical models, and optimize algorithmic trading strategies. Financial data analysts are also expected to work with senior researchers and assist them in their research and modeling efforts as needed.

Job Requirements:

Blackthorne is seeking candidates with the following skills and experience:

  • Strong analytical skills and the capacity for strategic and critical thinking
  • Strong academic record and capacity to learn.
  • Understanding of statistical methods such as probability theory and regression analysis
  • Proficiency in Excel and prior experience working with other data analysis tools such as SPSS, SAS, PYTHON or R is recommended.
  • Prior knowledge of financial markets and computer programming are pluses.

Interns will work full-time over the summer and approximately 16 hours during the school year.

Blackthorne is an equal opportunity employer. To apply please send your resume and cover letter to Scott Morris ( In your cover letter, please provide examples of your analytical skills.